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Janice Mason Steeves

Book Talk - Janice Mason Steeves (Bloom: Becoming an artist later in life)

Book Talk - Janice Mason Steeves (Bloom: Becoming an artist later in life)

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Born in Saskatchewan, Janice Mason Steeves graduated with an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Manitoba. She held School Psychology positions before leaving the field to focus on painting. Further studies were completed at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Janice is represented by galleries in Canada and has work in public, corporate, and private collections in North America and internationally. She has been awarded artist residencies in Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland and the U.S.

Janice is passionate about helping artists form a deeper connection to the earth and to that end, she has developed an art teaching initiative called Workshops in Wild Places. In these unique workshops, we travel to remote locations throughout the world to experience the beauty, energy and power of the wild landscape, to deeply connect with it and then, through a contemplative and creative process, translate that response into abstract paintings.

Janice’s book Bloom: On Becoming an Artist Later in Life is an inspirational look at how our older years are a time of inner soul work and continued growth through our creativity.

Author Kathy Stinson writes, [This book is ] “A wonderful mix of anecdotes about the author’s own personal journey as a visual artist, the stories of the men and women she interviewed, and her research into creativity and aging. An inspiring read for anyone thinking it’s too late to indulge their long-ignored creative impulses, as an artist in any field.”

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