Artist Submissions

ECCO Art Gallery Studio aims to feature a variety of visual arts by a wide range of local and regional artists. We hope to reflect both the cultural and artistic diversity of our local community and aim to foster an appreciation for the positive cultural significance of the visual arts in Peterborough County and beyond. Our gallery space is open and welcome to all artists and people regardless of their age, gender, orientation, backgrounds, etc.

How To Apply

Submit the application via email to with "Artist Submission- Your name” in the subject line.
Please be sure that your application includes your name, phone number, email address, website, links to your social media (where applicable) and photos of your work for consideration. A brief Artist Statement related to the work’s theme and a short Bio\CV is also required.
Please note all work must be for sale and if sold are subject to a 40% commission to Ecco gallery. A gallery Consignment Agreement will be provided to artists. ECCO Art Gallery Studio appreciates your interest. All submissions must be complete for consideration and will be reviewed. Please understand that, we can only respond when there is interest in the work.