Pina Romano

Pina Romano

Pina Romano -

My name is Pina Romano, I was born in Italy but for most of my life I lived and worked in Toronto, Ontario. For more than 30 years I worked in property management in the GTA, and now I have recently expanded into the Kawartha Region.

I have a deep love and passion for family that fuels much of my ambition. This same love is what has lead me to pursue my appreciation for the Arts. I would attribute this to my Italian blood and my love for my family’s culture. Whether it is decorating my home, painting with Acrylics or Watercolour, or simply cooking a meal for family and friends, I love finding ways to creatively express myself and share in the joys of life with others.

My paintings express the flow of movement. I find the rhythm of Koi fish in particular, very inspiring. Their sinuous bodies cut through the liquid medium, embodying the pursuit of purpose and the ceaseless journey towards growth and harmony. The vivid colours of the koi, each shade representing a different aspect of its journey, mirror the myriad experiences that colour the tapestry of human existence. From moments of vibrant joy to depths of profound sorrow, every hue tells a story, every ripple in the water reflects a memory etched into the fabric of our lives. I believe the double fish brings good fortune, abundance and protection to you and all your descendants.

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