Elayne Windsor

Elayne Windsor

DeCollage Artist

I view collage as the ideal medium for taking an existing image, removing its original context, and thereby altering the visual connotation. (I think of it as visual poetry.) With my deCollage work, I seek to further deconstruct the original imagery into fundamental scraps and bits of formal elements such as colour, value and line. (I think of this as visual music.) I reassemble these elements into new images. I enjoy reflecting on the history and provenance inherent in each paper scrap. I enjoy watching viewers reach that 'aha moment' where they discover that my work is made from paper, and then excitedly start identifying the various paper sources.

With my collages I hope to usher you into a new reality. Among the minute fragments in my deCollages, partial images are revealed reminding you of moments of travel, work life or everyday life. These visual fragments are like stepping stones toward examining identity, and ultimately to composing something new. As the ink dries on 2023, I invite you to examine what new realities will develop from your past.


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